New DSSV Wisconsin German Language Teacher Grant Program 2016 – 2017

Guidelines for DSSV German Language Instruction Grants

  • Awards will not exceed the amount of $300 and project proposals may request lesser amounts, depending on the scope of their project.
  • Awards are competitive and are subject to the availability of funds as determined by the DSSV.
  • Project proposals must be as specific as possible in providing cost details.
  • Please submit application electronically to or send via US Mail to:

15205 Fieldstone Drive
Brookfield, WI 53005

DSSV Wisconsin Teacher Grant Application. (print version)

  • Projects that will qualify for consideration include but are not limited to exchange and special programs, and supplemental materials. Priority will be given to requests that clearly demonstrate an ability to reach the greatest numbers of students.
  • You will be notified via email and checks will be sent to you at your school address.

Questions 1-4 only need to be answered if this is for a project or request other than Career Day funding.

1. Goals of Project: Please explain educational goals and how request would improve student learning.

2. Background/timeline: Describe how this fits into German curriculum, work completed to date, and timeline for completing the project.

3. Innovation: If there is innovation involved, describe how this project represents an innovative or creative change.

4. Replication/Sharing (for Innovation grants): Describe how your project could be shared or replicated by other German teachers or classes. If you know your requested project (or technology) is already used elsewhere, include any comments/insights from others regarding successes, and any improvements recommended by you or others.